Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Did you see that? Did you see this? What the heck is that? These were the most asked questions today because the Vegas had their first open water dive today! A manta ray the size of the cockpit was spotted, and lots of life underwater was seen. The divemasters were very impressed with our first dive and sent their congrats. When we finished the dive, we went from boat to boat and tried different activities, such as practice for man overboard skills and Pico sailing. A cool thing we learned was that 80% of the people that go overboard have their pants zippers undone. So a word of advice… don’t pee overboard. Pico sailing is very different than sailing Calypso because it is a very small boat. For dinner, we are having Thanksgiving for some strange reason. Overall today was a very fun day and exhausting at the same time. Well, I got to go. We’re going to watch a movie tonight. Til next time!