Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

The amazing shipmates that make up the crew of Surprise work so well together that this vessel runs like a well-oiled machine. With most mornings consisting of a dive or two and a sail in-between, it has been amazing to see how much we can accomplish just before lunch. C squared (Chris and Calum) have been keeping everyone in stitches with their antics. Veteran, AQer Ethan, has been a fearless leader in and out of the water, always there lending the staff a helping hand. MK has become our resident radio correspond-er with her amazing VHF etiquette. Pablo has made the galley his own and is a great help with nearly every meal. Natalie’s skills on the helm have put us ahead of schedule on multiple occasions; she is always ready to tackle something new. Faith has saved us over and over again, whether it’s jumping in the water to get a cup during clean-up or spotting something cool while diving, she keeps us on our toes. Mara is there to raise the sail every single time and loves the responsibility of furling the jib. Gabi is killing it in the photography section of her dolphin course; she seems to always take unique pictures of fish and coral. Bernie’s calm demeanor keeps the boat in check, especially during stressful situations. Jack is always helping out without anyone asking him if he sees something that needs to be done; he is sure to do it. We have had an awesome ten days, and we expect great things for the rest of the trip!