Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

It’s hard to believe that the crew of Second Wind has been aboard for less than two weeks. In a short period of time, we’ve gone from strangers to family.. from new acquaintances & fellow shipmates to close friends and confidantes. It has been a great pleasure to get to know the twelve talented, fascinating, and inspiring shipmates who came to join us ten days ago, the amount they’ve accomplished in such a short time has been impressive, and we’re looking forward to what the second half of the trip has in store.

The Neptunes recently completed the final dives of their Advanced Open water course and are now turning their focus to achieving their specialty certifications. Max, who already has his AOW cert, is looking forward to finishing his wreck divers course. Sydney recently knocked an item off of her bucket list when she saw a shark at Mario’s on Ginger Island. Alvaro is the Neptune bubble ring champion, always keeping us entertained at safety stops. Wynne has made great strides over the past ten days; after finishing her open water course on day 3, she put a lot of work into her dive skills and looks like a pro underwater. Our Rescue divers are in the thick of their training, having recently learned how to resuscitate an unresponsive diver at the surface. Underwater Giles and Nicolai look like ninjas with their matching wet suits. Nicolai’s dive skills are developing leadership abilities that have bolstered our crew both in and out of the water, while Giles’ unerring kindness, thoughtfulness, and generosity has kept our spirits high. Willie and Whit deliver near-constant one-two punches of comedy morning, noon, and night while Amelia’s unfailing positivity and infectious smile have us smiling right alongside her. Guillanie (aka “G” aka “Frenchie”) brings a French perspective to our group through his stories, philosophical discussions, and repertoire of jokes. Mads is always happy to jump in and help where help is needed, whether in the galley or pumping up the dinghy, and keeps us giggling with her late-night goofiness. Hannah is our rock: always stepping up to the plate when needed, helping us keep our home clean, and logging time in the power tower (as one of our most proficient helmsman) as she works towards her dream of one day attaining her Yachtmaster certifications. Between the dives, the dance parties, the long sails, and the deep discussions, it has been a joy getting to know the twelve fabulous students. The Second Wind family has had a great first half of the trip, and we’re all looking forward to the adventure still to come as we finish our circumnavigation of Tortola.