Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

Life has been exciting on Mambo this session! We have a wonderful crew from all over the world! Ryo from Singapore keeps us laughing all the time with his jokes and John from Lebanon is always smiling and enjoying diving. It was Walker’s birthday today, and Lauren from England and Caleigh from Georgia helped make his day very special. I have been very impressed by our recent skippers’ sailing skills…Doug from Boston and Timo from Germany! They both had big sailing days, and we got Mambo cruising at 7.5 knots. Quin from Illinois has been a huge help with all the lines as he loves tying knots and coiling lines. Brandon from Arizona and Sean from Oregon are always willing to help with anything and everything on board. Danielle from Texas and Lily from Columbia are like two peas in a pod, always very into their Dolphin projects and fish journals. We are all anxious to hear about their research. Chloe from Florida always has the boat laughing at her jokes and stories. We are one huge big happy family on board Mambo, and everyone wanted me to make sure to say hello to all parents! We are LOVING life in the B.V.I.