Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today was a great day! It was sunny all day. The staff had a meeting at 8am so we had to cook and clean on our own. Once we finished we surprised the staff by cleaning the entire boat. We had the whole day to sail around, and the advanced sailors could teach the beginners how to sail. So the Carina sailors took their sailing practical exams. After we took our exams we ate amazing chicken sandwiches. After lunch the advanced sailors helped the beginners. We taught them how to tack, the points of sail, jibing, etc. We even quizzed them on everything, to make sure they were ready for the practicals. After sailing we all took salt water showers and swam in the ocean for a while. Later, Gemma, Fiona and I talked until we got our laundry back. After unpacking our things we ate dinner. Right now we are cleaning up and listening to music. Later tonight we will have our third sail chat.