Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up bright and early to the sound of Bob Marley’s One Love and the aroma of delicious banana pancakes. As soon as we finished scrubbing the last pan and wiping the counters, we headed to the Prosecutor to practice our man overboard drills. Every shipmate got to steer, winch the main sheet, and practice pulling in our “man overboard,” as represented by a fender. After our first rotation, we were ferried back to Ellie Sage for a briefing on a fish identification dive later in the day. Our instructor Jin explained that we will need to complete two dives while recording the amount and species of fish we saw on each one for our fish ID certification. I didn’t expect to see much, but I was amazed at how many beautiful schools of fish, my buddy and I could identify after reading the PADI manual! Between the briefing and the dives, we enjoyed a fantastic lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches and iced tea. After that, we took a dinghy over to Astrid to go Picoing in a rainstorm. As I write this, we are about to sit down to a Thanksgiving style dinner prepared by our expert chefs Amanda and Hugh.