Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today for rescue, we spent the day practicing in-water rescue breaths. It was the most challenging day of exercise so far. The Neptunes, meanwhile, did two dives: a dive for their wreck specialty on the Fearless and a reef dive on one of the inside moorings. We all get along really well with one another, which is great. Rescue diving will only get harder from now on as soon we will go into rescue scenarios, which are meant to test our abilities. So far, the training has been both funny and fun. We have learned a lot. Even if we had to repeat the skills to get them right, we’re still having a good time and lots of laughs. Lunch was lovely, grilled cheese. Dinner was summertime Thanksgiving, and we had Mike (the Director) over. We all got to pick our black and white postcards that he brought that were meant to represent characteristics about ourselves that we are proud of and not so proud of and a third card that represented what we thought friendship was. Today was awesome!