Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

The hearty crew of the Therapy awoke this morning to a delicious scrambled egg breakfast and a beautiful day. After breakfast, the Neptunes put their gear in our dinghy, Phantom, and paid a visit to Mahi Mahi to dive the wreck of the Fearless. After we swam around the ship, we went up on deck where, to our surprise, there was a head sitting on the bow. It could still be flushed. We surfaced from the dive and returned to Therapy. Grilled cheese sandwiches were on the menu for lunch, and we were very hungry. After lunch and clean up, we were back in the water again for our first solo dive. Only Cat went down with all the Neptunes this time, and each buddy group split off in their own directions and navigated the entire dive by themselves. Back on the surface, everyone was so excited to tell all about their dives. We were back in Phantom before too long for a dive lecture on Mahi Mahi. In this lecture, we discussed equipment for diving. After the lecture, we hurried back to our home, Therapy, to start cooking Thanksgiving dinner in the summer. The food was excellent, the weather was incredible, and the company was delightful. Finally, after a little speed competition between the staff and the crew for clean-up, everyone curled up on the blue lagoon for movie night. Altogether, this was the best day ever. So far.