Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Woah! Another jam-packed day here in the BVI! We began the day just as the sun was rising. The dream team rapidly consumed the delicious pancakes consumed in our glamorous galley. We then mentally prepared ourselves for an adventurous rotation day. Sydney and I went on a separate dive to finish learning dive concepts and skills, where we successfully equalized without our ears painfully popping! After our lesson, we dinghied back over to our boat, where we did our first open water dive. It was amazing to see underwater life at 30 feet below the surface… the coral and fishies were so cute! Upon returning to the yacht, we refueled our bodies with grilled cheese while seeking warmth and dryness in a rainstorm. Shortly after, in the third rotation, we went to another boat where some chose to waterski, kneeboard, or wakeboard, while others chilled on the boat and had deep “convos” while avoiding the weather. When these two hours flew by, we headed to a new boat, where captain Jack briefly introduced the art of navigation to our interested crew; I’m proud to say I can now have the slightest chance of actually reaching the desired destination with a chart and compass/tools! After being educated, we returned home for the squeeze and Thanksgiving dinner, where we shared what we are thankful for. We had an amazing day as our C-Storm clique, and we can’t wait for tomorrow!