Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Woke up to some wonderful eggs and muffins! Cleaned up speedy, and then it was off to our dives. Dolphins started off doing their first research dive and Neptune’s dove on the Fearless wreck for their second wreck dive. The Fearless is a sunken boat about 75 feet under with a cool toilet that has now become the home of many pretty fish. After our dives, we treated ourselves to some yummy grilled cheese sandwiches. Then we prepared to dive again! Now the Dolphins got to dive the Fearless for their underwater naturalist certification and after they dissected a starfish! How awesome, right? The Neptunes at this time were doing an independent dive. We had no instructors or staff leading us, so it really put our skills to the test on underwater navigation. I saw a sweet stingray and two huge lobsters! Afterward, we got some free time! We all layout in the sun and relaxed and even snoozed a little. Then we got a choice to have some dinghy training! I decided to go on the training, and it was super fun and kind of challenging. The dinner was delicious. We had a Thanksgiving night and had Mike join us! We ended the great day by the daily after dinner squeeze with my question ‘if you were a mermaid, what color scales would you have?’ Then Mike entertained us with an interesting card game. He had many postcards in black and white that past shipmates had sent him and mixed them up and made us choose one card that represented something good about us, once bad, and one that explained what a good friend is. It was very interesting to hear everyone’s responses. Now we are cleaning, and I am watching the stars, listening to the waves, and writing this:).