Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today, day 10, is a special one, because we’ve been here for ten days, and we have just another ten for playing, swimming, diving, enjoying I mean, we are in the equator of this wonderful trip. We started the day off waking up at 6:30 with a fantastic and delicious breakfast of pancakes and Nutella. After we finished breakfast we went waterskiing and wakeboarding. I was in the dinghy with Mar, Rob, and Slater, and while we were trying to stand up doing kneeboarding, and Rob waterskiing, we had a big storm for just ten minutes. Then we continued while Rob was recording us. Afterwards we had a navigation chat with Charlie. As it was a little bit late for lunch time, we made Change’s lunch of grilled cheese. Next we went to the dive boat, where all the open water divers went diving for a while. Because I am in the Quest program, I’ve been with Slater taking pictures of all of them and waiting for them to come back. We’ve also been in CPR classes. Finally, the last rotation was man overboard drills and we did them on the boat Tanis. Now we are having a wonderful fresh shower and today’s chefs are preparing our dinner- THANKSGIVING! After dinner we are going to have a sail chat. It has been a complete and fantastic day, and I hope we have more days like this one.