Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today was an exciting and awesome day! We woke up in Marina Cay, and while the staff was at a meeting, the crew of Second Wind made delicious pancakes. That has been one of my favorite meals so far. After the great breakfast and the return of the staff, we sailed to Muskmelon Bay. There the Neptune’s planned to dive to 100 feet, but due to bad visibility, the dive was cut to only 70 feet. The Dolphins were diving while the Neptune’s were down. They went Photographing and got there Underwater Photo Certification. The Dolphins also had a turtle tagging lecture where they learned how to tag and identify turtles. After the dives, the crew had chicken salad sandwiches. We then got to do water sports like wakeboarding, water skiing, and kneeboarding. The Neptune’s then went to a lecture on Surprise and learned about how a regulator works. Everyone will get their Night Diver Certification tonight after our last night dive. While dinner was being made, a spotted eagle ray was seen in the water, and almost everyone jumped in to see it. It was so cool! It was an awesome experience to see the eagle ray. Oh! We also got our laundry today too.