Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today has been a great day! We woke up around 7:00, and the chefs started to make our breakfast of cranberry muffins and scrambled eggs. After breakfast clean-up, the Dolphins stayed on Therapy and waited for Mahi and Second Wind to come over so we could go on our first research diver specialty dive. The Neptunes went to Mahi to dive the Fearless wreck for their wreck diver specialty. When both groups were back together on Therapy, we started lunch of grilled cheese made by Sam and Aria. After lunch, both Dolphins and Neptunes went on their second dive for the day in GHP, and then the Dolphins went over to Second Wind to dissect a few starfish. Everyone returned to the boat to get ready for the best meal at AQ … summertime Thanksgiving! After the amazing dinner, the “Therapists” all watched a movie in the salon. Today has been such a great day in GHP, and we are all looking forward to our time at port tomorrow in Trellis Bay and Marina Cay!