Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

7:30, everyone wakes up, it’s another beautiful day in the Caribbean. We eat a lovely breakfast of scrambled eggs and blueberry muffins. On our planning, we see our biggest challenge since the beginning of the trip: our longest diving exercise. We finish clean-up and go set up our dive gear. We then get briefed. It’s about learning how to save divers that won’t respond at the surface. We entered the water and came back up for lunch. We went into the water again to finish all the exercises after. It took us a total of four hours and 25 minutes of water time to complete all the exercises as some of us like myself struggled to complete them. We then got out to take a wonderful feeling saltwater shower. As I am writing, the compressor is finishing up our tanks. Jordan and Connor are cooking our Thanksgiving dinner. Jack and Chris are organizing a dance contest, the others are relaxing, and I am watching the sunset in this little paradise called GHP.