Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Thwap thwap thwap. I woke up by getting soaked with rain and moved inside at 2 in the morning to the galley. Getting woken by the chefs because they needed to cook and finally awakening in my room, I slept pretty well though. Pancakes and Nutella has been one of my favorite meals so far and the chefs had a great time making them too. Annie, the overboard expert, fished three things out of the water. The night before a saltie bucket fell overboard and Annie had to scuba dive to go and get it. Later today someone dropped their swimsuit overboard and Annie jumped in to get it. After that a tube of sunscreen fell overboard and Annie jumped in and got it. Today was another rotation day. We did man overboard drills with our boat, Elowyn Sage. We then took a dinghy to Sambamba for Pico sailing. We got grilled cheese for lunch and it was delicious! After lunch there was the EFR exam for CPR. We took a dinghy back to Elowyn Sage for a sail chat. It was Thanksgiving for dinner! My favorite dinner yet, compliments to the chefs! Tonight is movie night and cake! We are watching Pay It Forward. Though I miss my family and friends, I am having a great time!