Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was an action-packed day. We woke up bright and early to a delicious scrambled egg and cranberry muffin breakfast. After cleanup, the Dolphin’s went to dissect starfish which the Rescue’s stayed on our boat our first rescue training session involved surfacing unresponsive divers. After this, we had the dreaded rescue training session 7: towing an unresponsive diver while administering rescue breaths and removing gear. Before lunch, we practiced doing this without the aid of a pocket mask. With the many critical steps and procedures, no one successfully completed it on their first try. Lunch consisted of around 20 grilled cheese sandwiches cooked by JJ, Kelly, Juan, and me. Then, we hopped back into the water for the second half of the training session, which utilized pocket masks. Pocket masks are essentially a barrier that can be placed over a victim’s face while administering rescue breaths to prevent disease transmission and to ensure an effective waterproof seal. This part was easier since we had already practiced early but still took around 2 hours in the water. We showered afterward, and are currently awaiting the Action Quest version of Thanksgiving in the summer! Once dinner is completed, we will have our final rescue lecture and (hopefully) a movie night!