Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Hi everybody! I am called Fish, aka Jack O. I am here to tell you about a day of fun! As usual, I was the first one up, even before Smudge, the skipper. I’m also the skipper, but he is staff. Just to clarify… Anyway, I was the first one up, and I was looking at the beautiful Marina Cay. Smudge then woke up and started to fix the generator, which had a broken water pump. We then blasted the music to wake up the rest of the boat. After that we had pancakes! (I’m not good at transitions, so it’s just “after” after “after). After that, it was fast-paced sailing (with the loss of Smudge’s water bottle) with jibing practice and a lot of awesomeness! When we got to Muskmelon Bay, it was all diving and water sports! Now, after a great dinner of chili, the advanced divers (I’m one but on a different program) went on a night dive, and the rest of the people had a good sail chat! That was the day! Bye!