Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today the staff had a meeting, and we made breakfast alone and organized the cabins so the staff would be impressed, and we saved them breakfast, so when we saw them coming back in the dinghy, we set the table as fast as we could, and the staff was very happy. After that, we left the port and started to sail. I was at the helm, and then we rotated until noon, and we had lunch and then continued the rotations. We finished sailing and got over to our final destination of the day, Muskmelon Bay, and we swam and took showers and took footage with Lara and Oliver’s GoPro’s. The chefs prepared chili and rice and surprised us with cake! Shout out to the chefs, Jack and Emily, for the amazing pancakes for breakfast. The staff told us that the whole time, they were testing us, and we all did good at steering and doing sail circles, and then we were tested on our knots.