Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

Being skipper entitled that I was allowed to wake everybody up. I told everyone to get their best night sleep because the morning was going to be an early one. I woke up in my hammock at 6 o’clock and looked over, and Megan was sleeping. We woke up and went and did pushups together. I did 400, and she did two. Then I managed to climb the jib a little. We went back inside, and by then I was supposed to wake everyone up. I started yelling “rise and shine!” and everyone got really mad. We had scrambled eggs for breakfast, and they were delicious. It then started to pour, and we came inside to tell riddles. They were extremely difficult. We set up for our dives afterward in the pouring rain. I did not want to get wet even though I knew we were gonna get wet in a few minutes. The Neptunes dive to a wreck called the Fearless and the Dolphins are doing a research dive involving counting coral and fish. We came onto the boat and swam for a while until we had to dive again. When we got back up, we swam again and yet again Connor was afraid to swim by himself. He screamed a lot. We then realized Mike was coming over for dinner, so we went on the cleaning spree that we do midway through the summer. The boat was sparkling clean as Mike arrived for our mid-July Thanksgiving dinner. We ate our fantastic dinner and then did the squeeze. My squeeze question was what is your favorite thing about the Action Quest program. I said the opportunities and sense of family that we all share. We then played a game where you pick cards that show things you like about yourself, things you don’t like about yourself, and something that a best friend should have or do. We got in very deep conversations, and we all learned a lot about each other! All in all, it was a fantastic day. Even though I didn’t get to sail a lot, I liked the day as a whole, and I wish it wouldn’t end.