Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Every day starts out the same, but that does not make watching the sunrise any less beautiful. As our shipmates slowly stirred, and the boat drifts to the sound of the lapping waves, we woke in ones and twos to the sight of the sun casting fire into the bay. The quiet morning was broken with a slight debate over what we were going to eat for breakfast before the staff left for a meeting, and we settled on cereal. The quiet returned quickly, however, and soon we’d settled into the sounds of cleaning and the occasional wince as a deck was lost in the card game Egyptian Rat-Screw. After seeing off two of our shipmates who were not feeling great to the clinic, we watched Moana’s cringe-worthy jibes and surged into motion for lunch and cleaning. Though we attempted speed, it was another hour before we were finally ready to go to shore. At that point we breathed a sigh of relief at receiving back our phones and, upon arriving at the shore, promptly bought snacks and other necessary supplies at the port’s only store. For the next hour, students spent their time sitting in the shade or exploring the area, and a small group even ventured to the airport with its WIFI and air conditioning! It was with some reluctance that we relinquished our phones, but quickly we were relieved to find our clean laundry returned and to take a beautiful boat ride to our current anchorage in Muskmelon Bay. The day then settled down again, to dinner, sail chat and more sparks on the waves as the sun headed off again.