Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

This morning we woke up to the classic morning song The Boxer, which we literally wake up to every morning. Then our boat’s “parents” were at a meeting. And to our luck we made pancakes. Let me tell you from a firsthand point of view when a 14-year-old sees pancakes; the first thought is how good they are for slapping. In the blink of an eye, five pancakes were scattered throughout the deck, and Nutella was EVERYWHERE. Anyways, after that, we practiced man overboard drills with everyone at the helm. I mastered the eyes closed speed cleat knot and can now do it faster than Nick, the shipmate. Sarah, Teun, Boris, and Elena are on the path to greatness. These things also apply to the bowline knot. After that, we went inland, and as usual, we went on snack overload. We finally got back to our boat and saw the most beautiful thing in the world, a boom swing. We used that to take showers, and Leo, Alexa, Cayden, and Evie did flips off the dinghy. In conclusion, it was a nice chaotic day, typical when I’m skipper.