Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

Today we woke up once again to the glorious scent of blueberry muffins and scrambled eggs. After breakfast, Sam told us all about our very exciting day ahead. During today’s rescue training we learned how to save unresponsive divers and how to administer oxygen at the surface. Lunch today was very interesting as Adrienne shared her family’s grilled cheese recipe; this involved the grilled cheese covered in cinnamon and sugar. After lunch, we had some more surface rescue training around the boat where we used a pocket mask to “save” our buddy. By the end of the day, we spent almost 8 hours in the water! Our hands got very pruny. In the evening we had a delicious summertime thanksgiving meal but without Sam, as he got to enjoy dinner with his wife at a nearby resort. Now we get to enjoy free time as we completed our lecture earlier in the day, so we’re going to watch a movie!