Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today we woke up later than we usually do. After we woke up, we had to make breakfast all by ourselves while the instructors were at a staff meeting, which was hard because we had to finish eating and cleaning before they came back. When they got back, we had to tie knots and name all the parts of the boat. Then we sailed to Muskmelon Bay for lunch. After that, we sailed around to do some more drills for our certification. We had to tack, jibe, and heave to. Then we came back to Muskmelon Bay, and our skipper Patrick set up a line on our boom so we could swing off it into the water. It was so much fun. After that, we cooked and ate dinner. After dinner, the advanced divers went for a night dive, and the Vega’s had a sail chat. It was a great day.