Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Since the staff had a meeting at 8 am, we all got to enjoy a sleep-in followed by an hour and a half by ourselves. We made pancakes for breakfast, listened to music while we ate, and then cleaned up our meal before they got back. After the instructors ate breakfast, we left Marina Cay for Muskmelon Bay. We set up our dive gear once we arrived, and Neptune’s had their first deep dive while the Dolphins did their second Digi Photo Dive. We all had some time to relax and mess around before our lectures. Neptune’s had a lecture on dive equipment while the Dolphin’s learned hot to turtle tag and completed a shark dissection. After our lectures, we all jumped in and took turns water skiing and kneeboarding, which was so much fun. Afterward, we at chili for dinner then got briefed for our final night dive. Today was an enjoyable day!