Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today started with waking up to find pancakes, and the staff left for a meeting. We were having so much fun blasting the music, dancing, singing and of course, getting our jobs done. A plate had fallen in the water, so Tommy dove in to recover it. Afterward, we sailed and performed man overboard drills. That was a lot of fun because we are still learning our places. We then went to the port for lunch, and we all got to see our friends and go shopping. After getting back on the boat, we sailed towards Muskmelon Bay. Along the way, we continued to rock out to music, and we did even more drills. Ilan did very well at the helm, and Danika learned how to capture the fender better. When we arrived at Muskmelon, we were still jamming out to music, and we began showers. Leo, Daniel, and Matt learned to front flip. Jay went for a swim and was hailed back. We all had so much fun during the showers. While the sun was setting, we were faced with just the most amazing sunset ever. We heard the boat next to us, counting down the sunset. During dinner, we had a great meal. The squeeze keeps getting more and more interesting every day, with each new feature added to the previous. We all worked together to do the dishes, and soon we have a sail chat. And after probably a midnight snack break, then we will all fall asleep in our hammocks or the blue lagoon. It was a great day on Squeaky B!