Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

This morning we had an unusual yet enjoyable and delicious beginning to the day. The instructors left us for the first time to fend for ourselves; this prospect was marveled at by some. However, the skipper and I had other ideas. For example, controlling the crew full of very strong personalities and characters- which can cause great banter, but this comes with defiance. However, after a slow start to dishes we were done, the deck was scrubbed, and the instructors arrived back to Nutella pancakes and fruit (which were appreciated). Our departure from Marina Cay was promptly halted with a strange creaking noise echoing beneath the boat. The problem turned out to be the autopilot messing with our manual controls, which was hurriedly fixed by our brilliant team of instructors. Eventually, we were reunited with land at Trellis Bay. At Trellis, we saw the most adorable animals. There were three cats, one of them the smallest cat I have ever seen! The animals were so friendly even though they were strays that my $8 of smoothie money went towards some of them and freshly cooked bacon, which they thoroughly enjoyed. After stocking up on chocolate chip cookies and mango chutney we left Trellis, and again we’re left to fend for ourselves; well we had a maximum of 6 questions to ask… as the day drew to an end we dropped our anchor in Muskmelon Bay and had a very tasty dinner of chili and rice followed by an incredible green flash as the sunset just below the horizon line. All in all, it was an incredible day, but as the night unfolded, the florescent life of the ocean sparked up, causing flashlights to be used for the first time! Then hammocks and pillows were set, and lights went out (conversation did not). ActionQuest is the best.