Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today I woke up at 6:30. We ate pancakes for breakfast. The rotations were scuba diving, man overboard practice, and Picos. We dove our 6th dive at the Mountain Point walls. There was lots of coral, fish and even a turtle. It was not as fun as the night dive, though. During that, I got to see tarpon and squid that didn’t turn away when we got near them. At ten, it was time to go to man overboard practice. During this, one person was at the helm, one person controlled the sails, and one person had to touch the man overboard with the boat hook. Even though there were volunteers, the man overboard was just a bucket tied to a fender. After we all did each job, it was time for lunch. The chefs made grilled cheese. After the dishes and the cockpit were clean, we got to ride the Picos. Picos are small, plastic sailboats that fit two people each. One person moves the tiller, and the other controls the sails. Even though we’ve only driven them twice, we are still good at driving them. We only tipped over once today. After two hours of that, we had a little time before dinner to shower. On the boat, a shower is covering yourself in soap and jumping in the ocean. The only time we take freshwater showers is when we’re heading to the port to refill our water tanks because we wouldn’t want to run out of water before then. Even though we had chicken instead of turkey, dinner was supposed to be like Thanksgiving because we had mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. That and tacos night were my two favorite dinners so far. After we finished dinner, washing the dishes, and put them all away, the Vega’s took their final dive test. After they finished, some people chose to watch a movie, but others just chose to go to sleep. Overall, I think today was pretty fun.