Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

The day started with rain, but soon the sun emerged in more ways than one. We had fantastic scrambled eggs and muffin breakfast. Shortly afterward, the Dolphins began their first dissection of a starfish, learning all about their anatomy. Meanwhile, the Neptunes did a fun dive and completed their final Advanced Open Water dive. After the difficult yet interesting dissection, the Dolphins did their first research dive learning how to use quadrants. We all had different results concerning the percentage of coral, sand, and algae within the quadrants. We motored through the rain to our next dive site over the shipwreck the Fearless. It was one of the best dives of the trip as life teemed on the eerie fishing boat.

We all had a good laugh at the toilet, which was in surprisingly good condition. For the Neptunes, this was their second wreck dive, during which they were responsible for mapping the Fearless. For the Dolphins, this was their second Fish ID dive. We experienced several new fish that inhabited the ship. For both groups, this was an incredible dive and one not to be forgotten. After the dive, we came back to the safety of GHP, where we spent the remainder f the day having a fantastic time. We relaxed on the boat catching up from our action-filled day and getting some work done. We went water skiing and wakeboarding as well. Despite the dinghy having trouble pulling me up on the slalom ski, we still had a great time. When skiing was done, we went snorkeling, which was incredible. There were so many fish you could hardly see the coral. I was also accompanied by four pairs of four-foot tarpon, which gave me a bit of a scare at first. Later the pelicans joined in crashing from above to get their share. All the while, an amazing Thanksgiving dinner was being made. For our delicious dinner, we were accompanied by director Mike, which we all enjoyed. As the night comes to a close, we are settling down to the movie “Finding Nemo.” It was yet another amazing day that came with the realization that we are halfway through the trip. But if the last half is anywhere near as good as the first, this experience will continue to be the experience of a lifetime.