Location: The Bight, Norman Island

This morning after a breakfast consisting of cereal and a final speech from the director, we were off into open water and began sailing! After leaving Tortola, we practiced tacking in Sir Francis Drake Channel. Everyone enjoyed the sailing; each of us was eager to help with the different chores assigned to us. We escaped a squall avoiding the rain on our way to the Norman Island Caves. We then ate lunch and preformed the swim test and snorkeled. Throughout our swim, we encountered small jellyfish stings; they went that painful and were totally worth it as the fish and plant life were beautiful. After, we motored over to our anchorage for the night at The Bight where we moored for the night. The director, Mike, joined us for dinner, and afterward, we did a team-building exercise, and each learned a lot about our mates and ourselves. After it all, we celebrated Evan’s 17th birthday with cake and song. We are all excited for tomorrow’s journey, challenges, and responsibilities.