Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

We started our day off early at 6 am, and some of us got up easier than others and then shortly after we had a breakfast of cereal. After a long talk with Mike Meighan the director of AQ, we started to sail out of West End and into the beautiful blue waters of the Virgin Islands. All 16 of us were so excited to finally be out of port. After a few amazing hours of sailing, we arrived at our dive site. Everyone set up there dive gear and were more than ready to start our first dive of the summer in the British Virgin Islands. We split into two groups for the dive, 1 group was with Sarah, and the other was with Matt, both amazing and fun dive instructors. Once we descended all the way to the bottom, I knew this trip was going to be a memorable one. The water was so crystal clear and blue, the sand was a beautiful white, and of course, the people that I was able to share this experience with. Once we ascended, we all climbed back on deck and got comfy because we were sailing to our next destination where we would stay for the night. We all sat on the trampoline during our trip to GHP. Some of us ate snacks and talked. Once the chefs of the day finished making us dinner, we all sat around the table and ate a delicious meal of sloppy joes. We ended the day with a scuba review and squeezed. Today was a day to remember.