Location: Vixen Point

With French toast to start the day, the Dolphins all got our dive gear ready for a quick fish identification dive! We saw a tiny Spanish lobster, many fish (obviously), and a juvenile puffer fish. We undid all of our dive gear for a quick sail to Leverick Bay to go into port. While we were eating a storm blew in. The rain was rough, and the winds were high, but that didn’t stop us from having an awesome lunch. Running to the market, we all barely made it back to the boat in time. We motored over to Vixen Point where the Dolphins snorkeled the mangroves and then headed to the beach for some games. The games were a lot of fun but very hard. After hanging out in the water, we got ready for an awesome night of good food and dancing. What a crazy night! Everyone had a lot of fun and everyone danced. Going home, I made cookies for everyone at 11:30 and then we all crashed after another solid day.