Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today when I woke up I realized I was skipper. I was excited because I’ve been waiting 11 days to be a skipper. I was excited to be in charge and boss all my friends around. We had french toast this morning, and that is always everyone’s favorite food for breakfast. The staff left in the morning for a meeting and we all worked hard and fast to get the boat cleaned so we could have a dance party. We cleaned the whole boat as fast as we could so it would be spotless by the time Andy, Elliot, and Kristen came back. Finally, we got to sail to port and walk around the town. The jewelry in the shops was beautiful, and many of us bought souvenirs for friends and family. We ate pizza and sandwiches in one of the restaurants. We proceeded to call home and tell friends and family about how amazing the BVI is.

Everyone met up at the dock to begin our sail. Today we all learned a lot and reviewed a lot about sailing. I was really confused and lost in the beginning, but my friends and Andy helped me out. I learned to tack and jibe the boat. We sailed around for a while, then proceeded to shore to pick up other shipmates who had returned from the clinic. We all made it to a new spot to sleep tonight. It was amazing because we all got our laundry back. We had an awesome dinner and then got ready for a Lifeworks session. The BVI is so beautiful. I am so happy I got the chance to be the skipper today because this has been the most that I’ve learned.