Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

After a good sleep, we awoke to some rockin tunes and the smell of warm milk and cereal… It was delicious. After breakfast, we all threw our suits on for an action-packed rotation day. We started at windsurfing where most of us just sat on the beach, but a brave few took out the boards. Soon after we were shuttled for a snorkel site which was populated by baby fish. I know it doesn’t sound interesting, but the quantity of fish was crazy. After checking out the little ‘Cudas and the many swarms of minnows, we came back to the beach. After a terrific lunch of mac and cheese, we had a fun time learning to tie knots. This was necessary for our sailing to improve. Then the best part came… waterskiing! After many attempts multiple people were successful, and a few got very close. A quick shout out to Julia for getting up slalom for the first time. But now we are all waiting in anticipation for the beach party!!! And of course the burgers.