Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

It seems, dearest reader, that once again I am writing to you. After 12 days of long sailing, we have made it once again to the HMS Tropicool’s favorite spot, Great Harbor Peter. Did you know that almost half our trip has been in this one bay? If you look around, you can see the occasional goat and lots of trees, but other than that, we pretty much know this one spot like the back of our hands. After an early morning of pancakes, the glory meal of this trip, we kind of had a relaxing day. The dolphins are done with the course, so they spend their days hunting for Hedrek, the turtle (whom we still haven’t caught although he is teasing us), and just relaxing. The Neptunes have spent the day relaxing and not caring about turtles (imagine that.) We did quite a few water sports today. Kneeboarding is a new Tropicool fan favorite, Everyone, and the counselors are doing it! Each person tried their best to do a 360 without getting a gallon of water up their noses. Today was also letter day. Each of us was hard at working, writing 16+ meaningful letters to each other and to action quest and to ourselves. After the letters, we got time to use a swing which we attached to the mast and swung it out over the ocean of the port side. The amount of massive moon jelly was insane. After a beautiful sunset, all of us got melancholy thinking about the approaching last day. The counselors potentially would be split up, so an extra level of sadness was laid over the first. To the sweet sounds of David Attenborough’s Blue Ocean, we closed our eyes on the second to last full day on our wondrous boat home