Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today began with waking up to our usual morning CD alongside other dive side boats since we were all rafted together on Ocean Star’s mooring ball. Ocean Star is one of AQ’s big schooners, so staying on their mooring allowed all the boats to raft together, which was super fun because we got to mingle with the other boats. After a quick breakfast and getting off the raft, we motored over to the Rhone dive site for a fun dive on the wreck. A lot of us got to see sharks and some pretty cool fish I personally saw a huge barracuda at a depth of 70 ft. This dive site is especially fun and interesting in my opinion, because of both history and marine life. After the dive, we motored over to Salt Island and completed a short hike to the top and got a beautiful view. We also had a moment of silence at the memorial site on the beach for the victims of the Rhone. Afterward, we had grilled cheese for lunch and some fun jumping off the boat and swimming around. We then motored back to GHP where the Dolphins went to have a shark dissection and the Rescues geared up to practice surfacing an unresponsive diver. Buddy pairs took turns being unresponsive while the other person took the appropriate action to respond to the situation. We then somehow amazingly still had some free time on the boat before dinner. Some people went skiing and kneeboarding while I chilled and read. After dinner, the Dolphins will be doing their second night-dive – Buenos Noches!