Location: West End, Tortola

Today we woke up to a delicious oatmeal breakfast made by Sloane and Michelene. We then pulled up the anchors and began our sail to West End to get our COVID tests for going home:( As the skipper, Lauren steered the boat and gave the rest of the shipmate’s jobs so that we could get both sails up. Once we arrived at West End, the shipmates got their final Covid tests and then enjoyed 3 hours of shore time. West End has restaurants, shops, and ice cream, which all the shipmates had a great time exploring. Some went to the grocery store while others went to the gift shops to buy presents for their friends and family. We stocked up on our favorite snacks and hung out with members from other AQ boats. While onshore, we filled up our water tanks, which were very much needed. After returning back to Shape Up, we began to sail to Great Harbor Bay on Peter Island. We motored at first and then finished our sail practicals. Andrew, Michelene, Joselyn, and Jake got a chance on the helm, and the rest of the shipmates worked on getting the sails up and understanding points of sail. Once we arrived, our chefs began to whip up a delicious Mexican dinner while everyone else took showers. Our special guest Carly, who usually stays on the staff boat Kiarina, played music and helped us with sail training. During dinner, Garrison introduced us to an eventful game called pterodactyl. Garrison, Sloan, and Trent survived the longest in the game and were the winners. After dinner, the shipmates will have their final sail chat with Allie and Shona. Today was very fun, and the shipmates are enjoying every second of their last few days of AQ 2021.