Location: Green Island and English Harbor, Antigua

The day started with a breakfast of chocolate pancakes. After that, we set out back to English Harbor. The wind was in our favor, and we did a nice broad reach towards the destination around a corner of the island. The average wind speed was 13 knots, and the average ship speed was 8 knots. We broke 10 knots for the first time, and we’re going for 10.5 knots for a few seconds. When we arrived at English Harbor, we anchored and had a lunch of sandwiches. After lunch, we had a sail talk and learned about safety on the water. After the sail talk, we showered on deck. At 5 o’clock we set out on a little hike and entertaining place, called Shirley Heights, where we ate and danced. After that, at 9 o’clock we went back by taxi. When we arrived, we pulled up the dinghy as we will be setting our at 3 am tomorrow.