Location: Atlantic Ocean

The deafening rumble of the main engine slowly comes to a laboring stop. The lighter constant humming of the generator also drifts away. And then you finally hear it, that long forgotten sound. The sweet music of the bow cutting through the water. The wave running along the hull, peeling off of the stern. Tranquility and balance settle over Argo, and a smile appears upon the captain’s face. It’s a beautiful thing to behold, Argo dancing upon the seas. In a stiff breeze, she shows her true grace. Six kts, 7, 8, nine kts! Now we are sailing. After 11 days of motoring across the Atlantic, the crew of Argo finally gets to do a bit of sailing and not have half of them puking over the side. Everyone aboard is immediately happier with an excitement that has been long in waiting. If the wind gods are good, this wind will continue to Gibraltar making for one amazing sail. Now I am excited to go to sleep to the sounds of the wind and waves as Argo dances through the night.