Location: Daintree Rainforest

After a surprisingly good night sleep at the Bat House’s luxurious cabins, the group and I woke up to another day of work. We ate some cereal (as usual), and everybody was assigned their jobs for the day. Some people continued work on the fence and garden while me and my squad left to slow the growth of the coconut trees further. We worked very hard and tore out quite a few coconuts in the end, even if you couldn’t tell from first glance. Exhausted, we returned to the Bat House, where lunch was being prepared. We didn’t only have sandwiches this time but also grilled cheese, which was a welcome change to our normal routine. Next, Claire brought us to a nearby watering hole where we had some fun with rope swings. Although it was cold, it was a beautiful area and quite an enjoyable experience. Then, we went home and had a great meal that consisted of various types of pizza which were made by the kids. Dwight, one of the inhabitants of the property, had a wood fire pizza oven to our delight. Finally, some of the group, including me, retired to the main area for a friendly game of monopoly. I, of course, won.