Location: Passage to BVI's

We awoke in the bay to the sun and we were all excited because in tomorrow we would be rejoining the fleet. Today’s passage was to the Baths a maze of caves and rocks with lots of vibrant fish but thats not important because we had to get there first. Our watches as usual were Watch Team 1 : Chris, Maggie and Oliver, Team 2: Gemma,. Zack and me, Team 3: Gage, Lana and Cameron. The passage started out as normal until Oliver decided to make friends with the local Coast Guard helicopter by waving and they promptly hailed us just to make sure we were ok. This gave us a good laugh while we were eating lunch and doing our knot test. A few hours later they came back just to check on us. A little bit longer around midnight-ish we had a cruise ship off of the side of our boat who was a bit close so we decided to hail them to ensure that they could see us and so they could alert the other ships near by. During watch we created a boat mad lib written by each watch when it was their turn then filled in by the following, it was a great idea that Margaux introduced to us!