Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today was another extraordinary day on Distant Drums. We kicked off the day with a morning dive at the sunken RMS Rhone anchor. The anchor was cut off after becoming stuck on a coral reef during a hurricane in 1867. The RMS Rhone later sunk, killing all of its passengers. After this fun dive, we sailed across to Road Town, the capital of the BVI. We anchored there for 1.5 hours. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and bought a few souvenirs before shuttling back to Distant Drums to prepare for our race. All of the dive side cats line up, then raced to the Indians. We didn’t win, but we finished the race with smiles on our faces and the satisfaction of beating Mahi Mahi. After we found a mooring spot, Tina, Ben, and Marina left for a staff meeting while we cooked dinner. We demolished the cheddar broccoli and cornbread before the instructors got back (but we did save enough food for them). After a quick cleanup, we started our final night activity, during which we wrote cards to all of our friends, shipmates, and instructors at Action Quest. It was lots of fun, and everyone is very excited to read these cards tomorrow.