Location: Porto Ercole, Italy

Today has been a cycle of going up and coming down. This morning started early as we woke up to see the wrecked cruise ship, Costa Concordia. The sight of a ship, so massive lying belly up in the water was chilling. The sober mood created by this was quickly lifted when we rolled into Porto Ercole. We were unable to dock in the port and spent some time climbing down into our dinghies and riding them to land. After some shopping and a snack in the port, we returned to Argo via dinghy and completed the more arduous task of climbing up to the deck. Showers involved us jumping down yet again to play and swim in the waves off the boat. My day was capped off by one last fall, this one accidental, down the companion way (stairs) on my bottom (yes, mom, I swear IÕm fine, I escaped with only my pride bruised). We will have anchor watch tonight, which means lots of sleep for all of us, as we are only on deck two at a time in one-hour shifts. Tomorrow we make for Civitiveccia just outside of Rome.