Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

We woke up to the morning CD. Afterwards, we began making giant pancakes while thew staff were at their meeting. We started cleanup so the boat could be ready to leave the anchorage when the staff came back. We then proceeded to go snorkeling for a cleanup effort and found tons of trash! We also cleaned the nearby beaches with the other boats. We then sailed to port while dancing around to our favorite music on a playlist Webby (our staff) made for us. Once at port we were able to shops around and raid the grocery store and call home for about 2 hours. We then sailed to a new anchorage where we met up with anyone that had been doing a clinic run. We then had Mike over for dinner (chili) and did a card exercise with him. After cleaning up we had a night dive which was the first dive we led by ourselves without staff. It was awesome and afterwards we all hung out on the top of our boat for a while before going to bed.