Location: West End, Tortola

Today we had a nice, lazy wake-up, followed by a breakfast of cereal. After everything was cleaned up, we sailed over to the Indians for our very last dive of the session. Along the way there, everyone started packing and cleaning the boat, which was just the beginning of a full day boat scrub. The dive was amazing, especially because we all completed our qualifications and just got to let loose and have some fun. It was a pretty shallow dive, but the reef was amazing and doing better after hurricane Irma than many of the sites we’ve been to. After the dive, we sailed back to West End, our last stop of the trip, and once again worked to clean up the boat while we were underway. Once we arrived in West End, we made our last big push in the cleaning, got rid of trash, returned our dive gear, and finally passed boat inspection. During the cleanup, Mara made the amazing decision to grab a pizza, so we were all well fed for a while. Then we had some time at port and got ready for our last BBQ. I think we’re all pretty sad that the trip is ending, but it was an amazing experience, and we all made some great friends and had new memories of being back with us.