Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

Today was pretty much a great day, no, it was a perfect day. We started the morning with a delicious meal of eggs and muffins-we all learned to eat a LOT of eggs. After breakfast, there was a little bit of silver sunshine (rain), but it all cleared up to turn out to be a beautiful day. The Neptunes on our boat (John, Will, Luigi, and Charlie) ventured away from Blue Venture to Mambo No. Five for some adventure in the ocean. They went on a deep dive again where they got to crack an egg, and on the wreck dive they explored the boat called “Fearless,” and they sure must’ve been pretty fearless because they saw lots of eels! While the Neptunes were doing that, the Dolphins went on two research dives which were pretty cool because for at least me, and it was the first time we’ve dove without an instructor!

In the first dive, we learned how to score quadrants to see the percentages of what was in that area of different corals and then we made bar graphs. On the second dive, we did a fish survey and with our buddies got to time and navigated our dive while counting fish. We then had grilled cheese for lunch-there was so much butter! We played a prank on the boat joining us for lunch and put Gatorade in 2 of their grilled cheeses (sorry Marina!), and it was pretty funny. We did a boat clean and hung out for the afternoon. A boat came by selling pretty cool food, and a bunch of people got ice cream. Afterward, some people went wakeboarding and attempted to do back-flips. We all worked up a pretty good appetite during the day and got to have the most anticipated dinner of the summer, Thanksgiving! It was amazing! After dinner, we went Christmakah caroling to the other boats and sang songs such as Jingle Bells, Dreidel Dreidel, and Rudolph. We had a lot of fun. We came back, and when people were doing dishes, Mel fell in the water! It was pretty funny, and he happened to keep his hair dry. Matty when diving 40ft for the bucket and now we were all just chillin. We’re about to start a second Lifeworks now, and I think it has been a pretty perfect day.