Location: Great Harbor, Jost van Dyke

This morning we woke up to find that the storm that was supposed to pass us last night did not come by us at all, which was a bit of a disappointment for multiple shipmates. We spent most of the day chilling in quarantine, doing some fun activities like wakeboarding and the boom swing. I went on the boom swing for my first time today, which was a bit of a freaky experience at first, but ended up being rather enjoyable. Johnathan ended up “eating it” of the boom swing multiple times. Vale almost managed to backflip off the swing. In terms of wakeboarding, Miranda landed a jump for the first time today (which we are all very proud of her for). In the meantime, Jack, James, Griffin, and Bailey hung out on the boat and admired the jellyfish hanging around our boat. We are also doing a beautiful one-time-honored AQ tradition of writing each boat member a card for the end of the session. During that activity, Tristan went on a high rush. Dinner cooked by our awesome chefs Milla and Griffin consisted of broccoli cheddar pasta and a version of green bean casserole. And now we’re going to have another chill night while finishing up our cards to our shipmates before we go to sleep for the second to last night on our favorite and most dearest Kokamo.