Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today we woke up at 6:50 by the amazing songs of the “Morning Co.” We had a great breakfast, and we ate scrambled eggs and straight after the Neptunes and Dolphins got ready for their first dives of the day. The Neptunes went to a sweet wreck called the Fearless, while the Dolphins went to East GHP. They also dissected a starfish. After a busy morning, we had a very relaxed afternoon. Most of the shipmates had a chance to take a nap and have some free time after an intense week. Lunch was excellent but simple. We had PB and J sandwiches. The second dive of the day was as usual – amazing. However, the visibility today was not the best. Some of us saw lobsters, octopi, and stingrays. After dive two, a few people went wakeboarding and came back to a Thanksgiving feast, and now we are making cookies.