Location: Vixen Point, Gorda Sound

This morning we woke up, and we could barely function. After we docked at Leverick Bay, we could roam the streets freely for the second time. We all ate as a crew and had a fun time chowing down on a good meal. Then we walked around the shops and grocery store. We were also able to talk to worried friends and family to assure them we are okay and having a fun time! We left the dock and tied to the mooring line and started with a dive class. Then we all went sailing on smaller boats and had a great time. After, we went windsurfing and hung out on the beach. Jaime and I both decided to go in the Pico sailboat. We started rough, but then we were flying at about 10 knots. Then we went back to Spindrift and cleaned and cleaned and finally got it spotless. We just enjoyed a great Mexican meal with Mike and his adorable son, Kai.