Location: Somer's Beach, Tortola

We got to sleep in. Then we had breakfast; it was scrambled eggs. We then went wakeboarding and kneeboarding, and Ben drove. It was really fun. Most of us went wakeboarding for the first time. Then kids from Grand Cru and Odyssea came over, and we motored over to Somer’s Beach. We snorkeled from our boat over to the beach. We played in the sand and the water. It was great. Then we snorkeled back to the boat. Once back on the boat we snorkeled and relaxed for a while. Then we headed to the BBQ on Zodiac. At the BBQ we ate hamburgers and hot dogs and drank Action Punch. We then hung out and talked to our friends. We returned to the boat and took Hibicleanse showers. We chilled out for a bit and went to bed.