Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was one of our more chill days. We started the day onshore in West End Tortola for breakfast and a little shopping as there was a store for shirts. Afterward, we set sail back to Great Harbor Peter for Dolphins to complete their last research dive for our projects, and for a fun dive for Neptune. On the dive, we got to see turtles and a bunch of big reef fish, including a school of Jacks. After the dive, we had a shower party followed by a quick dance party on the hard top of the boat. Tonight was Mexican Night for dinner, meaning that the food was extra good, and everyone is now very full. Our meal concluded with a pretty nice sunset, which was a great way to end a peaceful day. Tonight we will be working on projects and studying for exams along with eating our favorite work snack of brownies ❤️. It is safe to say that Orka Tew had a great day sailing the BVIs and making the most of our last days of this amazing trip!!